Nothing is static.
Everything‘s in constant motion. Experience the fluidity.

Experience might come along rapidly, it might occur unexpected or plainly predictable, appear mild or firm, luscious or subtle, its tone sharp or gently, its color striking or silent.


In the end, it can be anything at the same time, unifying but constantly changing.


It’s the surreal sensation, that affects, moves and spurs emotions. A stringent run through various passages. Consciously guided, unconsciously tangible.

The fluid experience
that we build.

Our expertise is the creation and construction of a impactful, concentrated and consistent experience plot in digital or real space.

Linked to a strong line of communication, we close the gaps, round off the edges and link the visibility with the invisible.

Starting with a solid construction, formulated as a core message, we create a rich substance within the framework to arouse emotions and impulses.

We Do

Experience Architecture

Conception + Creation
Architectural Planning
Story Telling
Motion Design


Event Design
Temporary Architecture
Showroom Architecture
Exhibition Design
Live Communication

Our Studio

We Think

There are many things that we think clearly about. We form an opinion on prevailing trends and theses and represent our positions. These considerations and the knowledge gained through discussions and research also flow into our actions and our work. We don’t just want to broaden our horizons, but also stimulate impulses and discussions.

We Are

Patrick Schmidt,
Managing Director

Initially starting in the field of classical architecture he found its way to strategy, conception, consulting and design with the core competence in retail, trade fair, event and exhibition design.
Patrick prefers printed socks, is a walking library (whether you want to know or not) and tends to overthinking.

Sabine Wiese,
Managing Director

Well experienced in the field of project management, conception, strategic planning and implementation, as well as controlling mainly in the area of brand communication, POS and event design.
Sabine brings the necessary calm into our creative chaos, but when she sees or smells eggplants, the fun is over.

Jessica Voelker,
Senior Experience Architect

Specialist in communication design and 360° conception with the focus on experience retail, exhibition, hospitality and event design.
Jessica really can‘t take jokes when it comes to commas and SpongeBob. She misplaces her keys, wallet and iPhone in the strangest places almost every day. Don’t ask her about it.

Johannes Kammerer,
Conceptual Motion Designer

Well-experienced in the field of 3D Art and Motion Design with a strong focus on conception.
Johannes is always hungry and takes to boards and bikes like a duck to the water.


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