The Sane Company
supports STELP e.V.

The past year moved, inspired and motivated us to look at things differently. And to do some things differently.

By developing „The Fluidity Project“ we tried to visually translate our conception of „Experience Architecture“ into moving images. A sustainable, rich experience is always defined through a homogeneous flow which offers impulses and additional value for the individual. This perception can not only transferred to our way we work but also to pure existence.

After completing this aesthetic project, it made sense to us to make more of it than just some nice images and thus to create more than just a good feeling. We wanted to use it as an ambassador for a greater cause. This year we support the aid organization STELP e.V. as we stand behind their philosophy and motivation: help shape a world in which all people live independently in dignity and security and can shape their future on their own. 

From the moving images, still frames were selected, which became the basis of the limited printed edition of „The Fluidity Project“. By purchasing on or more of these prints 50% of the proceeds support STELP e.V. Just drop us a message if you are interested in purchasing or if you need more information either about „The Fluidity Project“ itself or the support campaign.

Thank you for your support and your help.

Nothing is
in Motion